All golden eggsteroids

Because so many people liked this game, Rovio Mobile released special editions of Angry Birds called Angry Birds Seasons , Angry Birds Rio and Angry Birds Magic . The special versions are basically the same game with some differences. In Angry Birds Seasons there are levels inspired by holidays or seasons. Angry Birds Rio is set in Rio de Janeiro and instead of pigs and wingless birds there are monkeys and birds from the movie Rio . Angry Birds Magic is just a special edition for Nokia and for more levels you have to use NFC .

Now includes all of the new golden eggs found in Angry Birds Space!

Includes all hidden golden eggs, mooncakes and now eggsteroids from space!

Videos, screenshots, and text descriptions of every location of the infamous Golden Eggs found in the popular game about furious little birds that want to destroy those pesky pigs. Also includes all eggs for the Seasons version: Moon Festival, Christmas, Valentine, St Patrick's Day, Halloween and Easter.

This app has the location of Golden Eggs that others haven't found yet.

Find all of the Golden Eggs before your friends!

All golden eggsteroids

all golden eggsteroids


all golden eggsteroidsall golden eggsteroidsall golden eggsteroidsall golden eggsteroidsall golden eggsteroids