Artemus dolgin steroids

Utter hypocrisy coming from Rich @ 12:30 . Insecurity?????? The man lives behind a facade and no one knows what he even really looks like as a person. Tattoos head to toe, contacts, hair dye, and DECADES of anabolic steroid abuse and growth hormone. But thats not stemmed from insecurity right? Preferences my ass. When you live to literally look like someone you arent, you become the epitome of what insecurity means, Just like Michael Jackson or Bruce Jenner… Couldnt be them, couldnt be themselves, bare the natural traits they were born with and grow into. No everything is physical and chemical alterations. When former multiple winner, Dorian Yates says bodybuilding is mostly started out of insecurity, Rich should more than know also. This isnt aimed at tattoos, contacts, dyes, drugs in general, if youre really insecure yourself you'll believe that. Its about all those things literally becoming the life you live behind, a vain one, that its where the insecurity lies. If he wouldnt have said anything on insecure people blah blah blah, I wouldnt have said anything.. But this man is the epitome of insecure, and the definition of a hypocrite to speak against those who are insecure.

I started competing may 2013, it was local NPC men’s physique show in Rockford. I placed 4th in my class. A month later I placed 2nd in Chicago Nationals. Then 4 weeks later in July I placed first in Team Universe in New Jersey and turned IFBB Pro. Following August I placed 6th in my pro debut in Tampa Pro. I took 8 months off, moved to LA and was prepping for New York Pro where I placed 15th. I brought a whole new package and was 25lbs heavier. Denver Mile High Pro, June 2014, 14th place was my best package, 192 lbs dry, lean and full. That was my last IFBB show. I switched over to WBFF as was poorly judged because of my size – “too big” for physique.

Artemus dolgin steroids

artemus dolgin steroids


artemus dolgin steroidsartemus dolgin steroidsartemus dolgin steroidsartemus dolgin steroidsartemus dolgin steroids