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My priorties are mainly accuracy, balance, and quality. I now own a Gamo Shadow 1000, but I’d rather have a good, pneumatic .22 for hunting purposes. I shoot mainly squirrels, and at crows(their so hard to hit!) I’m a strong guy, and wouldn’t have to worry about the extra effort to pump. Either one I buy, I’m going to want to put the Leapers 4×32 Bugbuster on it, since I hear its a pretty amazing scope for the bucks. Also, money isn’t really an issue here, I’m willing to pay a little more for better quality.

Glad I found your site. I have a couple of questions I’m hoping you can help me with. I have a Sheridan Blue Streak that I purchased (I believe) sometime in the 70’S. The serial number is 012968. This rifle has seen very little use and functions perfectly. I would grade the condition to be about 90% or better. I can’t find a model number designation other than Blue Streak. The forearm is straight and not stepped down as in recent models. The majojity of the components ie., bbl, air chamber, piston (nicle plated?), all appear to be made of brass. First can you date this rifle for me? Can you give me an approx. value in the above condition. Is there a schematic or exploded parts drawing available somewhere. Finally, I have way too many firearms (and no time) already and this pellet gun is just going to waste sitting in a closet. Is there a market for this rifle? Seems a shame its not being used or collected by someone interested in air rifles. My interest is in firearms. Would appreciate any info you can provide me. Thanks.

Benjamin 392 steroid kit

benjamin 392 steroid kit


benjamin 392 steroid kitbenjamin 392 steroid kit