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In 2005, Strider, Flava and Kenzie signed a record deal with Polydor records, and began recording an album under the name Friday Hill, named after a location in their hometown in Chingford . In October 2005, the group released their début single, "Baby Goodbye", which reached #5 in the UK Singles Chart , staying in the Top 10 for over a month and selling over 80,000 copies. In February 2006, they released a second single, "One More Night Alone", which reached #13 on the UK Singles Chart . Their album, entitled Times Like These , was also released in February 2006, but only peaked at #67 on the UK Albums Chart , and such, were soon dropped from their label. [4] In July 2006, Rocky-B, Reepa, Spike-E, Melo-D and MC Vyper (formerly Danny-B) made an announcement that they were going to reform as Blazin' Squad, and record and release a new album under Peach Records. They released a single, " All Night Long ", in August 2006, however, it only peaked at #54, which resulted in their record deal being scrapped and a further disbandment.

Blazin squad kenzie steroids

blazin squad kenzie steroids


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