Cellucor p6 extreme steroids

Alright so first day on P6 Black and first thing I noticed was the focus, right away on my first workout I was super focused! I usually look around when I'm resting but that didn't happen with P6 Black. Every time I got in the gym it was out of this world focus! I never knew who the hell was working out next to me, I would look once when the women in yoga pants walked by, when I heard chatter next to me I would go on with my workout and I would hear nothing other than my breathing. Felt like I was in a bubble and I was all alone. I really really loved how the crazy focus was there everyday in everyone of my workouts and runs! I felt like I was recovering a whole lot faster while on it as well. I work out at 8am and when its mid day I would have the itch to hit up the gym and workout again. I worked out 2x a day for a week. I was hardly ever sore the next day, if sore at all. I was always on a good mood as well on those 30 days. I woke up feeling refreshed, whole day I felt like I was in paradise even though there was so many problems going on around me. Man did P6 black make me *****! LOL Would wake up with a hard on every single day, girl passed by me in the street and looked at me or said hi or thank you and UP it would go. It sucked being single those 30 days but I better being single than feeling sorry if I had a girlfriend, she wouldn't have been able to keep up with me! I never had any side effects on this. I saw some people saying that they had more acne than usual, I never had a single pimple pop up or had any acne. My strength didn't go up all that much. I would say noob gains. That was the only negative for me, I thought I would get super strong but didn't really happen. Overall I would recommend P6 Black to people who wanted to be fully focused during their workouts, recover faster, be in a better mood and ***** 24/7 IF the price was right because right now it's A LOT and for me to buy this would be next to impossible at the moment.

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Cellucor p6 extreme steroids

cellucor p6 extreme steroids


cellucor p6 extreme steroidscellucor p6 extreme steroidscellucor p6 extreme steroidscellucor p6 extreme steroidscellucor p6 extreme steroids