Eggsteroids 8 walkthrough

Because so many people liked this game, Rovio Mobile released special editions of Angry Birds called Angry Birds Seasons , Angry Birds Rio and Angry Birds Magic . The special versions are basically the same game with some differences. In Angry Birds Seasons there are levels inspired by holidays or seasons. Angry Birds Rio is set in Rio de Janeiro and instead of pigs and wingless birds there are monkeys and birds from the movie Rio . Angry Birds Magic is just a special edition for Nokia and for more levels you have to use NFC .

We get 206 and three stars with only three birds in the video below.
We start with blue as high up on the first hanging chain of bones as possible, activating at the last second and dropping pigs and debris below. Next, Stella takes the low road into the bone supporting the first tower and bubbling up the works. Finish with Matilda to the right, dropping her egg so that it takes out the left base of the tower and deflects into the remaining hanging pig and bumps the far right tower, dropping it and killing of the final piggies there. Two bonus birds give us another 20K!

12/11/16 – Added 35th Golden Egg from BirdDay 7
12/11/14 – Added 32nd Golden Egg from BirdDay 5 ()
11/23/14 – Added Red’s Special Golden Egg ()
03/04/14 – Adjusted chapter numbers ()
11/26/13 – Added 31st Golden Egg from Short Fuse ()
09/16/13 – Added 29th & 30th Golden Eggs from Red’s Mighty Feathers ()
12/11/12 – Added 28th Golden Egg found in Birdday Party ()
08/02/12 – Updated for the “King Pig Level” ()
12/23/11 – Updated for Birdday Party () release on Mac and PC
12/11/11 – Added 27th Golden Egg found in Birdday Party ()
08/25/11 – Added 25th & 26th Golden Eggs from in Mine And Dine ()
07/25/11 – Added 24th Golden Egg found in Mine And Dine ()
06/16/11 – Added 23rd Golden Egg found in Mine And Dine ()
03/17/11 – Added 20th & 21st Golden Eggs ()
02/06/11 – Added Super Bowl Golden Egg!
02/04/11 – Added 19th Golden Egg ()

Eggsteroids 8 walkthrough

eggsteroids 8 walkthrough


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