Eggsteroids viking lander location

Eggsteroids is an episode of Angry Birds Space that is the Space version's equivalent of the Golden Eggs episode of the classic Angry Birds . Golden Eggsteroids are found within levels themselves. When an Eggsteroid is obtained, the user is transported via a wormhole to the Eggsteroid level. When the level is completed/player gives up, he/she will be transported back by wormhole to the level where the Eggsteroid was. From that moment, the player can freely access the Eggsteroid level by going to the Eggsteroid world in the episode selection screen. The background of the eggsteroids episode has a large egg-shaped planet in the middle with eggsteroids floating all over the place (possibly the Angry Birds version of Saturn). The background also has a yellow sky and stars.

Find the parts Viking 3d Dish part A and Viking 3D Dish part B.
Take the angled Viking 3D Dish part B. Place a small amount of glue on the short angle segment of the shaft.
Take the Viking 3D Dish part A and push Part B into the back of the printed Dish.
Set aside to dry
Find the 3 parts: Tool1 part A, Tool1 part B and Tool1 part C.
Take Tool1 part B and place a dab of glue on the end without a hole.
Push Tool1 part B into the hole on the short side of Tool1 part A. *note, this hole is straight. Not the other angled hole in part A
If filament is available. Push a segment into the small hole in the end of Part B. A dab of glue can be used here.
Cut the filament so only a small amount is sticking out.
Find Tool part C and push it onto the filament on Part B. A dab of glue also should be used here
Set the completed Tool1 down to allow to dry
Find Viking 3D Bottom
If filament is available. Push and trim the filament into each of the 8 small holes on the surface that was facing the print bed.
Find Viking 3D Top and match it up to the printed Bottom part. Matching each of the 8 printed holes.
Optionally add glue to each of the pieces of filament sticking out of the Bottom segment.
Push both Top and Bottom segments together. Taking care that all 8 holes line up as the two parts are pushed together.
Find the three printed Viking 3D Legs (3)
On the print bed facing surface of these Legs you'll notice an indention.
Pick up the just assembled main Viking body. Find the 3 notches on each of the three flat surfaces on the sides.
Take your time and glue a Leg to a corrisponding notch.
Repeat for all 3 printed Legs. Allowing each leg to dry before starting the next.
Find the Dish part previously assembled and attach to the top of the main body. Look at photos for placement reference.
Find Tool2 and glue into the diagnal hole beside one of the recently added legs
Find the assembled Tool1
Attach Tool1 with glue to the top surface of the Viking body. Use photos of assembled Viking for reference.
Find the three printed Viking 3d Feet (3)
Add a dab of glue to the center post of each of the three feet.
Align the Viking model onto each of the 3 printed feet. Matching up the printed notch to the feet and legs.
Set aside and allow the completed Viking model to dry.

Eggsteroids viking lander location

eggsteroids viking lander location


eggsteroids viking lander locationeggsteroids viking lander locationeggsteroids viking lander location