Fitness youtubers on steroids

Unfortunately, YouTube is not magic (even if it can predict that next you'd really like to watch a video of Justin Bieber falling on his face), so you do still need to put in the work to get healthy. That means committing to an exercise schedule you can stick to and getting your sweat on by pushing yourself to give each workout your all. Since not every "fitness trainer" with a camera actually delivers an effective workout, we did some digging and found the top ten absolute best fitness YouTube channels you need to subscribe to ASAP for inspiration, pro exercise tips, and, most importantly, some awesome workouts. The best part? You never have to leave your house. (Your pajama shorts can  totally  double as workout shorts.)

A competitive natural bodybuilder and one of the early pioneers of the YouTube fitness movement, Matt is the proud owner of arguably the greatest set of shredded glutes in the world. This self-proclaimed "half-natty manlet" and Krillin look-alike spends his days making gainz, counting macros, and eating obscene amounts of Chipotle (though one must wonder about the wizardry involved in transmuting all that Chipotle directly to gains). Matt's passion for fitness, cheerful personality, and honest desire to help others make his channel a top destination for anyone committed to living a healthy lifestyle.

Tone It Up is all about Karena and Katrina showing you how to get fit, how to maintain a healthy lifestyle and how to start loving yourself by starting to love your body. Guys, these are professionals. They’ve got Coach and Trainer licenses and I won’t put them down here because these are way too much. Anyway, they even offer Nutrion Plans, workout DVD’s and loads of other things. Of course, you don’t have to buy them as there are youtube videos for free on their channel. Their videos are quite good and if you can bear with their permanent shining grins, I’d definitely recommend them to you.

Fitness youtubers on steroids

fitness youtubers on steroids


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