How to get huge muscles without steroids

The scientific evidence on this one is iffy , but incorporating stretching into your warm-up—never try to stretch cold muscles—might help your body get ready for exercise as well as switch your brain into "workout mode," says Charles Drass, a certified personal trainer in Marlton, NJ. "Stretching can't totally eliminate injury, but it could certainly help from a mindset perspective" by getting you more focused so you're less likely to make an ouch-inducing misstep. Try a few minutes of dynamic stretching , like arm circles and lunges, before you really get going.

Hi Marji,
I would have to say I cannot give you any advise regarding your swimming technique via an email. I will add that any pain felt during any exercise is generally not a good sign and I would be extremely cautious and seek the advice of your doctor on the matter before continuing as you would not want to re-injure your self. In saying that, swimming is a great exercise for recovering from back injury as it is a low impact exercise due to your buoyancy in the water and can also help you to increase fitness as well as assisting with weight-loss when combined with a healthy diet.

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How to get huge muscles without steroids

how to get huge muscles without steroids


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