Manny pacquiao steroids

Idk y all these pac man haters say he is on steroids jus cause floyd sr. Says it doesn’t mean a thing if u look bak floyd jr. Won the golden glove at the age of 16 at 106 lbs and manny went pro at 16 at 106 lbs and present day floyd is bigger still fast and has some power so maybe floyd is on the juice and also manny has an 8 inch wrist which makes him massive for his 5’6″ body comming to the human body if u have a large wrist u have large bones which also improves power due to the denser and thicker bones which allow you to hit harder as well as his chin maks it more durable and also the denser your bones the bone marrow u have which creates more red blood cells which carry oxygen to his heart and muscles which allow for better stamina and cardio and also having larger bones let’s u move up in weight in a pretty fast manner without losing power and speed cause of his size and he did in a healthy manner he had no I’ll side affects of moving up in weight, so yea instead of listening to a drug addicted old man (floyd sr.) Look at their physical features and their backround and stop listening to crazy old men who hyped up hatton and then lost by and made up this crazy
story, get real ppl!

Various business sectors have solicited Manny Pacquiao's help in endorsing their products through commercial advertisements in print and in broadcast media. These include detergents, medicines, foods, beverage, garments, telecommunications and even a political ad for politicians during the 2007 and 2010 Philippine elections . Additionally, Pacquiao appeared in commercials for Nike 's "Fast Forward" campaign (with Tiger Woods , Kobe Bryant , Maria Sharapova , Roger Federer , Cristiano Ronaldo and Liu Xiang ). Pacquiao also appeared in a commercial for San Miguel Beer with Jet Li and Érik Morales. [ citation needed ]

Manny pacquiao steroids

manny pacquiao steroids


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