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The researchers first scanned 39 women using PET (positron emission tomography) and later confirmed the results in 27 women using fMRI (functional magnetic resonance imaging). Both pegged atypical activity in the hippocampus to the interaction. Turning up the same findings using two types of neuroimaging strengthens the case for the accuracy of their observations, say the researchers. Such gene-hormone interactions affecting thinking and behavior are consistent with findings from animal studies and are suspect mechanisms conferring risk for mental illness, they add.

The interface for Glow is very similar to Impression and that is the crux of the details. I love the way both products are controlled and deliver the almost impossible results to achieve any other way. But… The interface, and especially the start up is very slow compared to all of the other Topaz Lab products. The issue we now have (given all of the Topaz Lab filters) is to take the end-result concept you have in your head and figuring out your workflow to get there. Yes, there are many alternative paths but I suspect you will need to develop experience with each and understand how they all work with each other’s effects. Glow is an asset in my photo-editing tool box and allows me to do things to an image I thought was not possible. That said, it’s a bit like being a kid in a candy store; so many options and only so much time… Was this helpful?

Stark labs steroids

stark labs steroids


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