Steroidni dermatitis forum

Dermatitis affected about 10% of . workers in 2010, representing over 15 million workers with dermatitis. Prevalence rates were higher among females than among males, and among those with some college education or a college degree compared to those with a high school diploma or less. Workers employed in healthcare and social assistance industries and life, physical, and social science occupations had the highest rates of reported dermatitis. About 6% of dermatitis cases among . workers were attributed to work by a healthcare professional, indicating that the prevalence rate of work-related dermatitis among workers was at least %. [69]

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Steroidni dermatitis forum

steroidni dermatitis forum


steroidni dermatitis forumsteroidni dermatitis forumsteroidni dermatitis forumsteroidni dermatitis forumsteroidni dermatitis forum