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Testosterone for women must be taken in very low doses if supplemented with at all and even then it may cause many unwelcomed changes that do not present an even trade to the gain in performance. Most women who are looking for a bump are better served sticking with Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) derivatives of a milder nature; Anavar is often a favorite to serve this purpose as it is very side-effect friendly. However, for the woman who wants more she must understand she is greatly increasing her risks but in the end that will prove to be up to her. Performance enhancing testosterone for women can have fast negative effects but if they begin to occur and a woman discontinues use immediately in many cases she can reverse such problems. Any supplementation of testosterone for women should be discontinued if the vocal chords begin to deepen, body-hair growth begins to manifest or the clitoris begins to swell.

Steroids for women legal

steroids for women legal


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