Steroidy synthol

If you have two working neurons left to rub together, you’ll just say no to Synthol and similar products and implants people. I didn’t even touch on the dangers of the practice as I doubt that would have any impact on most people’s decisions to do it, but yes, seen some very nasty stuff happen using “site enhancement oil” and similar and you can find it easily on a Google search too. If you suspect you may have a touch of bigorexia, consider taking a close look at your behaviors and make sure they’re not counter productive to your health and life overall. I can say for myself, when I was at my biggest and strongest back in my twenties I often felt at my smallest and weakest, and in retrospect, didn’t enjoy that much and did miss out on some opportunities I should have jumped on. Live and learn.

We watch as a gloved medical service provider wipes his arm in a most delicate manner. Why? Isn’t it obvious? She’s cleaning the gaping hole in his arm as the Synthol has caused a reaction, a burning sensation unlike anything experienced, and a deadly infection. The fluid inside of his arms is expanding and wants to follow the path of least resistance but there isn’t any. With no other option, the arm bursts open like a ruptured tire. The debris of flesh surrounds the huge hole and fluids are gushing to the external. Intense pain rages and the young Brazilian will soon go into shock.

Some bodybuilders flat out deny their use of synthol. For example, Gregg Valentino is extremely adamant that he has never used synthol. Instead, Valentino says that he injects Testosterone Propionate and Equipoise directly into his bicep, which caused a fascia stretch. However, this theory has come under fire because experts say that site injecting steroids will only cause growth from scar tissue formation, which is temporary. Obviously, it is hard to know for sure if Valentino is telling the truth, but he seems to embrace the drama and has put up numerous videos blasting his critics, including this funny one:

Steroidy synthol

steroidy synthol


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