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I am on a bovine NDT and it has made a dramatic difference to me: I'm warmer, I've lost weight, my muscles are no longer weak and fatigued and the shooting pains in my muscles have gone. I am in UK so I have had to self fund it and buy it over the internet however I have a very supportive GP who is running the blood tests on the NHS to check the dosage. The site I've bought it from has a lot of information on self medicating and I used that to work out the correct dose. I also started on a low dose and increased every two weeks so that my body had time to adjust to getting T3.

The T3 Dragonknight tank is designed for both group and solo play.  Ideally you wouldn’t use this build to level, more of at end game PvE and PvP content.  This build isn’t easy to play but DKs have long been the standard for tanking in PvE and that hasn’t changed in Homestead Update 13.  In this update, we’ve broken down the guide into various sections so it’s easier for you to decide your build and goal.  Want to play as an effective Off-tank?  We got something for you.  Want to duel?  We have something for you.  Is this the “best,” most effective tanking build ever?  I don’t know, but what I can tell you is it works well and I’ve completed all content on it (for the exception of Hard Mode vMOL).  This is not for leveling, if you’re looking for a stamina Dragonknight leveling build, click here .  Here are the ways you can expect to play this build.

T3 steroids info

t3 steroids info


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