The pros and cons of taking steroids

Aimee Horton just wanted her blog Pass the gin to provide a realistic counterpoint to all the "perfect parents" she came across online. Keeping up with the Joneses today often means painting a picture of a family life more idyllic than the Waltons, all sun-dappled Instagram scenes and tweets about making cupcakes together. "Perhaps some people truly love all elements of motherhood but there's a less represented group of us who love our children to bits but are very glad when they go to bed," says Horton, who documents her struggles trying to get planking toddlers into car seats and dissuading her son from having the Spiderman logo shaved on to the back of his head.

Gasfrac, a Canadian company has developed a process to frac using propane instead of water.  No biocides or deisel fuel is added to the propane– only a gelling agent and a breaker that assists in returning the propane gel to a gas after the pumping proceedure is complete.  Nearly all the “frac fluid” is recovered to be reused or sent along with the hydrocarbons produced in the well.  Truck traffic is a fraction of that compared to water since the volume of material used is so much smaller.  No waste water to treat or dispose in injection wells.  Has been used over 1000 sites in Canada and US and is proposed for use in Tioga county New York.  LPG fraccing can also yeild more oil or gas production that water as water interferes with pumping operations.  No or very little flarring of initial production to clean up the well after fraccing.  It is more expensive that water in the short term.  An example of solutions that can be employed.

As with any change; there are good and bad sides to teleworking. Emerging Millennials like the flexibility teleworking offers; however, nothing can completely replace in-office work. The videos, emails, phone calls, etc., only allow for a certain level of connection with the company culture. Although those little forms of social connection are enough for some, others require face-to-face connections at work. However, it increases the quality of work-life balance for those who at least part-time telework. Companies have to be the ones to make the move towards a teleworking atmosphere. It is appealing, but it won’t work for every organization, nor would it work for every individual in the organization. Decide whether the pros outweigh the cons for your company.

The pros and cons of taking steroids

the pros and cons of taking steroids


the pros and cons of taking steroidsthe pros and cons of taking steroidsthe pros and cons of taking steroidsthe pros and cons of taking steroidsthe pros and cons of taking steroids