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Jury acquits ex-Baylor baseball player in cat killing; charges dismissed vs. 2nd player
(Mar 20, 2002)
Alleged cat killer's attorney said animal was not tortured
(Jan 31, 2002)
Hearing held for men accused of killing cat; one shows up
(Jan 10, 2002)
Pretrial hearing postponed for BU athlete who allegedly killed cat
(Aug 8, 2001)
Pre-trial hearing for BU athlete accused of killing cat may be delayed (Aug 3, 2001)
Waco Tribune-Herald

Baylor students formally charged in cat killing (May 21, 2001)
Austin American Statesman

Waco community angry over BU's lack of discipline for cat killing (Apr 17, 2001)
The Daily Texan (AP)

Baylor Lifts Suspension of Players (Apr 7, 2001)
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Baylor concludes cat-killing investigation without revealing findings (Mar 29, 2001)
Amarillo Global-News

Baylor suspends 2 players charged with killing, beheading cat (March 22, 2001)
The Arizona Republic (AP)
Waco, TX

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