Tren winstrol proviron cycle

I actually have never tried proviron, to be honest. I usually used novla or clomid becuase Tren shuts me down extremely hard, and I fell better using nolva afterwards. I agree though that after three weeks perhaps his HPTA shutdown would not be as bad, but I have always felt that if you are going to experience any shutdown at all, why not do a full six to eight week cycle and get the most out of it?
But I agree with everything chuckd says, I admit that I kinda shot from the hip on that one, based on my experiences alone. I realize that I didn't really answer his question to the fullest, sorry about that. But I just personally feel that a three week cycle with winny and tren is a waste of money....Lata

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Tren winstrol proviron cycle

tren winstrol proviron cycle


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