Ufc test steroids

The weird thing is that Dana White actually isn’t going to strip Jon Jones yet. It seems like the UFC is just like us, holding out hope that somehow this is a false positive or he took some sort of happy pill like last time. However, if he really is banned for a long period of time, they’ll have to strip him. This not only means that the undisputed greatest of all time could be ripped away from us as soon as we got him back, but that it puts Daniel Cormier in a horrible position again. He will be given back the light heavyweight title without having defeated the rightful owner again, and thrust back into defending it again. Maybe fans will give Daniel Cormier an easier time this go around.

This is the second time Jones has tested positive for using banned performance-enhancing drugs. The 30-year-old was scheduled for a bout with Cormier at UFC 200 in July 2016, but tested positive for two banned substances , clomiphene and letrozol, and was banned for one year . That failed test came just three days before the event, leading to him being pulled from the fight. According to TMZ, Jones could face up to a 4-year ban as a multiple-time offender. Testing positive for Turinabol carries up to a 2-year suspension from the USADA for first-time offenders, according to MMA Fighting.

Jones and his team will not surprisingly exhaust all available options in order to skate by the alleged violation, but it would seem apparent that he’s just not going to find much of sympathy after failing for cocaine in 2015, clomiphene in 2016, and now Turinabol in 2017 for his long-awaited comeback. Jones, of course, blamed a male sexual performance enhancement pill for the clomiphene failure before UFC 200. That defense is only going to hold up so many times, and it didn’t even hold up the first time “Bones” tried it.

Ufc test steroids

ufc test steroids


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