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I have just had a letter from Prime Location Services saying that they believe I am somebody their client is looking to trace, but that I need to call them for them to be able to verify what it’s about, a quick google has led me to info on them also acting as debt collectors and them insisting on confirmation of the number of the house you lived on on such and such street previously before they will give you any info, I assume this is a tactic for them to confirm your identity as being the correct person responsible for whatever it is they’re trying to recover. The thing is, I’ve lived at my current address for 12 years and I have had no unpaid debts in that time or been in contact with any companies about any debts or made any payments on any outstanding debts. There was a loan and credit card I defaulted on when I was much younger but this would have been over 17 years ago and they never really came after me for it and I’ve not had a ccj in my name that I’m aware of. The only other thing that might have been put against my name was after I left my ex and moved out and she racked up a cable bill but I had called them already to transfer the account to my name and again they never chased me for it and that was also 15 years ago.
So if you have any advice on what I should do next that would be great.

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Uk debt collector steroids

uk debt collector steroids


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