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The definition of "urban" varies from country to country, and, with periodic reclassification, can also vary within one country over time, making direct comparisons difficult. An urban area can be defined by one or more of the following: administrative criteria or political boundaries (., area within the jurisdiction of a municipality or town committee), a threshold population size (where the minimum for an urban settlement is typically in the region of 2,000 people, although this varies globally between 200 and 50,000), population density, economic function (., where a significant majority of the population is not primarily engaged in agriculture, or where there is surplus employment) or the presence of urban characteristics (., paved streets, electric lighting, sewerage).

Indeed, with the exception of Slim and the occasional overseas billionaire, Gates and Buffett have been a duopoly at the top of the rich list. Their close friendship and partnering in philanthropy made them a potent symbol of the philanthropic side of wealth.

Bezos will be a different figurehead. Unlike Gates, he is still actively running and building a business. He is far more press-averse, rarely giving interviews or public addresses. He is hyper-competitive. And he is only moderately — some would say barely — philanthropic.

But like Gates and Buffett, Bezos is not given to many flashy displays of wealth. He has loads of real estate — he bought the most expensive home in Washington, ., and owns homes in Beverly Hills, California, and New York along with his spread in Medina, Washington — and is one of the nation's largest landowners, with over 300,000 acres.

The containerships, as the name suggests, are vessels built specifically to hold huge quantities of cargo compacted in different types of containers. The containerships are categorised into different types according to its length and carrying capacity etc. At present, there are seven types of containerships in service worldwide, including small feeder, feeder, feedermax, Panamax, Post-Panamax, New Panamax and ultra-large Panamax. With a carrying capacity of more than Twenty-Foot Equivalent Unit (TEU), the modern containerships have radically redefined the freight transport by the sea. Here we have a list of the world’s largest containerships, ranked in terms of their TEU capacity and length, among others in 2017.

World's biggest man on steroids

world's biggest man on steroids


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